Australia’s ‘most hated’ cat Chester has found a family for Christmas

Australia's 'most hated' cat Chester has found a family for Christmas

This is a beautiful Christmas story. The Australian cat Chester, who is particularly strong, is set to be adopted after being dropped four times.

This good news was announced by the SPA of South Australia, which produced an exclusively dedicated video Cat Ask for another chance for animal lovers.

Yet it was far from over. Chester, who learns of his fifth family in eight years, is described by his last owner as “anti-social” and could be cute for the real “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” chickens, but “Attack cats and neighbors”. When he brought the cat back to the shelter, he explained that some of his guests had refused to enter his house until Chester was inside.

Collected in 2013, when he was one year old, Chester certainly experienced a lot of difficulties in the first months of his life, spent on a street. The tip of his left ear was severed. But very soon the staff at Lansdale Shelter, south of Adelaide, wanted him.

When its first owner entered a retirement home it was kept for six years, before it was removed. Less happy experiences followed, which created his “independent and frantic” character and earned him the reputation of being “Australia’s most hated cat” among members of the shelter. A “bad guy” attitude we saw from the many spectators who tried to attack him.

However, members of the Asylum are optimistic about the future. One of the staff explains that you “need to read the symptoms and know how to understand when it is enough for him” Guardian. It is a matter of patience. “

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