GU D’HERIPRE can beat his first team I.

Better than ever, GU D’HERIPRE (Photo) In this group I will try to shine Philippe Billard’s Kazakh, a particular Ann McD Harrybre, son of Orlando VC, son of Orlando VC, his career is not …

The show is not on Sunday in Vincent, one of the most beautiful gatherings of the winter with 2 groups I and 1 group II, but on this occasion a renamed Criterium Continental (Gr I) Brix de Amிக்ric races will allow Group 3J to qualify its winner for the main event that all professionals want to run In this 2020 edition, 16 of them are trying to win the Cree, 8 horses (4 Swedes and 4 Italians) against 8 foreigners from Grande Fiesta, France over 2100 meters. The race has numerous champions, and then Face Time confirmed by beating Brix de America (Gr I) including Bourbon and Bolt Eagle, referring only to the most recent. Unlike last year, there is no big option, so expect a tough result. Turbo reviews the beginnings of this Criterium Continental (Gr I).

A word about the founders of the Brix d’American Race Settorf Qualification 3

1 AETOS KRONOS One of the 4 year old boys playing in Sweden. He finished fourth at the UIT Grand Prix (Gr I), however he concluded that he was not far from power. Connecting with Jean-Michel Bazir will allow him to get a fraction of a tenth of a second, which will make a difference in the end …

2 AXL ROSE There are notes in Italy, I took second place in the group I removed last November Alraja One. Although he was last disqualified in Milan, it is difficult to dismiss him outright, especially since he would have the advantage of being led to this opportunity by the inevitable Bjorn Coop.

3 Alraja One Undoubtedly the best luck of the Italian horses, who enacted his law in Modena at the EU Grand Prix in NovemberAXL ROSE. If he embraces the path of Vincent, this son of the Maharaja will be able to catch his game well by using the number that is favorable to him behind Autostart.

4 GU D’HERIPRE The best in his class, he finished second in the Criterium des 4 Ans captured by Kunila D’Atout. As he showed in Brix Marcel Laurent (Gr II) in Face Time Bourbon, 1’10 can go one way, GU D’HERIPRE Be the start with big ambitions.

5 GUZZ MEARAS Probably finished close to the winner Power At the UIT Grand Prix (Gr I) with the most favorable number behind the wings of the autostart. Very well placed at the moment, this material that makes up all of his races assumes that he can fight for the right places to meet the expectations of those around him.

6 Power None other than the winner of the UED Grand Prix (Gr I) won the bar at his expense Green grass, He finds here from the brilliant collection of Brix Ariste Hemart (Gr I). He is ready for this entry with a good third place in Solvalla and has finally got his place.

7 GALLANT WAY I left some regrets at the UIT Grand Prix by finishing in a good style. He has set the record straight by winning two races on the track taken this Sunday, the last of which marks an easier time than the gap at the end. Better than ever, this son of Ready Cash should not be underestimated.

8 Green grass Measured at the pole by Power At the UED Grand Prix, a Group I, he would have undoubtedly won if he had benefited from the most favorable curriculum. Unfortunately, it’s number 8 again behind Autostart, which may prevent it from winning, but does not interfere with the arrival of the Quinta +.

9 Golati Cut Definitely dominated Alraja One And AXL ROSE In Modena, moreover, he was easily respected in the Brix Octave Dosnell (Gr II) GU D’HERIPRE. With his worst number on the back of the car, the son of Cocktail Jet will have to reckon with the failure of many favorites to reach this stage.

10 Great art Like the candidate mentioned above, he finished behind him at the EU Grand PrixAlraja One He never showed that he was the best in France, so it would be hard for him to play the lead roles with his engine number on the back of the car.

11 Go on He was the unfortunate hero of the Criterium des 4 Annes (Gr I), who easily won, and when tested positive a few days before the event… this time he unwrapped from the background, unlike the race he had returned to. Despite its place in the second row, it will be eager to restore its image on Sunday.

12 Always EK Won very easily in Italy last June Alraja One, A performance that allows him to have some ambitions, the problem is that this student of Alessandro Cociador has not yet discovered this position according to his entourage. So it is above all necessary to retain it at the end of the mix.

13 Gamble River CA. In Brix Octave Dosnall (Gr II) behaved rudely GU D’HERIPRE, But the step is too high, and we may think that J ஜrn Coop liked him AXL ROSETherefore, it is difficult to prioritize this representative of Sebastian Quarto even with the help of Eric Ruffin.

14 Hill Hall awaits Contrary to the value of a team could not beat the Brix de Sino taken by a rival Calla. This muscular mountain girl has shown her limitations in Scandinavia against the best in her class, so having her 14th number behind Autostart is not recommended.

15 All the brilliance A small event earlier this month found a trend that could not dictate its legislation, and the Brix clearly dominated Oscar Collard (Gr III) GALLANT WAY. This daughter of Champion Warren promises that the task will be more complex against Europe’s best 4-year-olds.

16 Goldie Mary In Brix is ​​well preserved in Ariste Hemart (Gr II) Green grass, In a race she would undoubtedly have taken second place if not for a small fight with the winner. By running a little more into the economy, he may be surprised by this competitor who has changed since he evolved without clay irons.

Start and prediction for the Brix D’American Races Settorf Qualification 3

Photo credit: Scoop Taiga

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