What is the true story of Santa Claus?

What is the true story of Santa Claus?

We all know him with his red coat and his long beard. The image of Santa Claus seems immutable, but it is not always so.

Traditionally in Europe, the arrival of winter was celebrated around a meal and gifts were exchanged, reports Future-Science.

The character of St. Nicholas was created in the Middle Ages by the intervention of the Catholic Church.

This was Nicholas of Bishop of Myra in Turkey Current Died in 270 and as a martyr. After many miracles, Saint-Nicholas was ordained.

The real role of Coca-Cola

He is celebrated as the patron saint of school students on December 6, where he descends from heaven with his donkey and father Futart. He had a long white beard and a bishop’s robe.

With the migration of the Dutch to the United States where their customs were imported, the United States embraced this tradition in the 19th century and called Saint-Nicholas “Santa-Claus”. In 1823, Clement Clark Moore, an American poet and pastor, wrote a children’s story in which he described a St.-Nicholas deer-led skating rink and passing through a chimney. Figaro.American charts then represent Santa Claus dressed in red and white.

Christians associate this celebration with the birth of Jesus.

In 1931, the American company “Coca-Cola” used this image to impose the image of Santa Claus around the world.

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