Three Latin American countries are starting to get vaccinated

Three Latin American countries are starting to get vaccinated

A plane landing in Brazil as an opportunity for a world without Covit-19. Vaccines are coming to the country most affected by the plague and spreading around the world. South American continent.

In Mexico, the head nurse in intensive care at Mexico City Hospital received the first Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine, which was broadcast live on television.

“Without a doubt, David Aguilar Blanca, chief epidemiologist at Milba Altazela Health Center It gives us peace of mind, we can develop immunity so that we can not develop a serious illness and not have to infect our loved ones.

Not all countries choose the same vaccine.

Argentina receives the first container of the Sputnik V vaccine., He should start immunizations next week.

“We will receive 5 million doses of Spotnik vaccine in January and 14.7 million doses in February. Guinness Gonzalez, Minister of Health of Argentina Argentina with an option to extend our order to 5 million“.

Like Mexico, Chile began to be vaccinated without delay, followed by Costa Rica. According to researchers in London, they recommend accelerating vaccination as the disease is more dangerous in 2021 than in 2020.

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