NFL: The Washington owner has started serious allegations

NFL: The Washington owner has started serious allegations

Amid allegations of sexual harassment, Washington NFL team owner Dan Snyder claims to have been the victim of an attempt to extort money from a minority club partner.

The businessman raised the idea a day after the “Washington Post” reported daily that the settlement was out of court, according to a Maryland court legal document obtained by ESPN on Wednesday. Between the football offer and one of its former employees. 6 1.6 million would have been compensated for this. In Las Vegas in 2009 Snyder was charged with sexual misconduct against him.

Furthermore, the owner believes that the negative articles published about him are a factor in having a bad relationship with all three partners and may be detrimental to his cause. This week the newspaper said that Fred Smith, Robert Rothman and Dwight Shore would like to sell their shares or 40% of the club for $ 900 million. They want to sell their shares to investors in California, but Snyder opposes.

“I firmly believe that the plaintiffs’ proposal and the information reported in the media is another attempt to extort money from me,” Snyder said. This is an attempt to prevent me from winning my case in this business dispute. ”

All three partners targeted by Big Boss would have pressured him to sell his shares in August. However, the daily reported that tensions between the two parties have been lingering for a long time. The media collected and disseminated the testimonies of 25 women who were part of the organization. Many said they were subject to comments about their bodies, sexual innovations or getting improvements from Snyder and other former employees.

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