Mysterious “Jet Back Man” pilot shot hundreds of meters above the sky – Jigsaw

Mysterious "Jet Back Man" pilot shot hundreds of meters above the sky - Jigsaw

In August 2020, carry it on your back like a bag and fly in the sky with jet injection forceJet packIt became a big topic when an armed man was flying near the plane. On December 21, a pilot from the Los Angeles Aviation School spotted a jet pack man flying several hundred meters high, and a film about the situation was released.

Video taken by pilots of the elusive Los Angeles jet pack hand exposed (updated)

Possible ‘jet pack hand’ vision? The video suggests the mysterious person who discovered Paul Verdes

The figure of a man flying a jet bag at the same height as an airplane was seen several times in 2020. Seen in August,Los Angeles International AirportAn American Airlines plane flying 16 km from the airport in 1997 reported to the airport control tower that “this plane overtook someone equipped with a jet bag”. At this time, the plane was about 3000 feet (about 910 m) high in 1997, and the jet bag man was flying at the same altitude, and the distance between the plane and the jet bag man was only about 300 yards (about 270 meters). It.

The unidentified “man flying through the jet bag” runs side by side with a passenger plane – Jigsaw

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have set out to investigate the jet bag man because flying near the airport is prohibited. However, two months later, in October, a jet pack man witnessed again near Los Angeles International Airport. China Airlines Flight 006, which saw a jet bag man in October, was “the last thing I saw, like an airplane case with a jet bag at 6000 feet”. The height is higher than the case.

“Jet back man watching incident” as the plane re-runs, this time flying “above 1800 meters” – Jigsaw

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And on December 21, this time in CaliforniaTorrancePilot Training SchoolSling Pilot AcademyThe pilot spotted a jet pack man on a Los Angeles beach, which he uses for training.

According to the Sling Pilot Academy, the trainee is from Los AngelesBurroughs Verdis PeninsulaWhenSanta CatalinaHe said while flying at an altitude of 3000 feet (about 910 meters) in the training area between the two, he saw an “object resembling a man carrying a jet bag” flying in the opposite direction to the aircraft.

This time, instructor Brandi Fokelman, seated on the right side of the plane, is shooting at Jet Pack Man with a smartphone, and the real picture is being posted on Instagram.

When the movie starts …

With Santa Catalina Island in the background, you can see a small black dot moving in the sky.

A ship travels hundreds of meters below a black dot …

Different from normal aircraft and drones.

If you zoom in further, you will find that the object has a similar shape to man.

The figure of the jet pack man moving in the opposite direction to the plane soon disappeared. Although the pilot told the FAA that he encountered a mysterious object, he submitted an official statement because there was no information about the jet pack man used for the wireless communication used in the training area, and no additional information. It seems that it does not. The FAA said in an official statement that no official report was available on the matter.

The foreign media report on the incident, Drive, pointed out that the existing jet pack has a very narrow travel limit, so flying with more than thousands of feet of traffic is confusing. The “human-looking drone” represents the possibility of being a jet pack human, as shown in the following movie.

Spectacular Stunning !!! RC FLYING MAN IN SCALE 1: 1 FLIGHT DEMONSTRATION – YouTube

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