Jimmy Butler’s icy response to Horton rumors in Miami

Les stars NBA Jimmy Butler (gauche), James Harden (centre) et Bam Adebayo (droite) sous le maillot du Miami Heat

While James Horton continues to offer his services to many owners, the Heat is one of the top names on the list. What does Jimmy Butler, the owner of the Florida list, think about this? He responded with money.

Soap opera pulls, but James Horton Do not drop in mode: Yes, the bearded man wants to leave the rockets, and soon. For this reason … he declares that many owners, including the Miami Heat, are interested in him.

It would not be surprising to see The Beard rally to Florida if local locals recently announced that false poker king Pat Riley has stepped off the negotiating table. In addition to package-related issues, especially in the Duncan Robinson file, there will be questions about collaboration with Jimmy Butler.

Buckets and Horton are friends, despite the sometimes complex attitudes. Being teammates from there? This is very complicated. Asked about Heat’s advance and the start of the season, Butler said:


We are, we work, we do not hear the noise coming from outside. Of course we know, there is always someone to talk about or what. We can’t control it, but we focus on ourselves. The rest is left to others.

Horton Soap Opera Jimmy Butler, who has established himself as the undisputed leader of the franchise, is more than a balloon beard enough to say who would not welcome the arrival of such a promising player.

On the other hand, if the buckets look at the situation well, we imagine that it is much more complicated Stock players Can be exchanged if an agreement is reached between Miami and Houston. We think of Robinson in particular, but also of Tyler Hero, Kendrick Nunn or Kelly Olinick. They have to wait impatiently for the end of this long-running soap opera … so do we.

James Horton in Miami? Rumor has it, rumors are spreading … but Jimmy Butler is tireless. What could cool the front office if the idea still went through his head …

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