France 2. The magic of Christmas stories according to the "Big Five" or Gilles de Mystre

France 2. The magic of Christmas stories according to the “Big Five” or Gilles de Mystre

Happy parents and grandparents to Chandel Ladeso, Alody Fontaine and Mark Ruchman For the big five, Beautiful Eco-Community-Family Christmas Humor by Gilles de Mystre France2.

The magic of a story in the heart of Africa

Take the popular one For the big fiveFive major African mammals, namely the lion, buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros and leopard, were commissioned in 1935 by American travel writer Ernest Hemingway. The Green Mountains of Africa. Take five orphans, including an American, a Chinese, a Frenchman, a Brazilian and a Senegalese. Bring their souls together and take them to a dangerous little African reserve, which is run by a couple who need children.

Assign everything to a prosperous mind and hire screenwriters, directors, documentaries and producers, Brunei and Gilles de Mystre. Add Chandel Ladso in the role of Sasi, the funny, plump and loving grandmother. You will get the first dubbed film in the upcoming set For the big five . The magic of the story is a work that competes with the specialties of the African landscape. A project aimed at all audiences and available in 100 minutes of film, which will soon include 10 episodes in 26 minutes.

Five young nature superheroes

“France 2 wanted a great family adventure based on the social and environmental issues I address in my films, and I want to create a series on the nerves of Skippy and the other Flipper the Dolphin, including this first Christmas film and the upcoming ten episodes. Africa, Big Five – We selected all the dangerous creatures, and this wonderful family is made up of five young natural superheroes who still do not understand the full extent of their powers, ”, The director comments, to whom we owe, for example is very beautiful Mia and the white lion.

For the big five Is in line with its primary ambition. Show the world through a different lens: It can be used to save people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s Disney Magic, Gilles de Maestre version, hope, goodwill, love and mercy.

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France 2 at 9:05 pm “Big Five”

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