Former Australia coach Don Talbot has died

Former Australia coach Don Talbot has died

Australian coach Dan Talbot died of natural causes on Tuesday at the age of 87. Announce the world of swimming, Is a Hall of Fame swimming magazine launched in 1979. This prestigious appointment recognized the work of this technician from New South Wales in the East of the country as the team leader. With Olympic champions Kevin Perry, John Conrads, Gail Neil, Beverly Whitfield and Bob Windle across the country in the 1960s.

“We are a country of 18 million people, 95% of whom live ten minutes off the coast.

The best of Don Talbot’s career came after this award, however, when he was the first director of the famous Australian Ince AIS in 1980, when he captured the Australian team and was deported to Canada and the United States in the 1990s. The work carried out during this decree revealed exceptional performances during the 2000 Sydney Olympics (18 medals including 5 gold) and the 2001 Fukuoka World (19 medals including 13 gold). Ian Thorpe, Grand Hackett and Petria Thomas.

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