Due to an error in Google Maps, he misses deliveries for 3 years

Due to an error in Google Maps, he misses deliveries for 3 years

For three years, she missed a London delivery. It is also not possible to drop him off at his address by taxi drivers or VTC. The reason? A zip code error on Google Maps caused him several setbacks.

Simon Forks finally won, after three years of struggle, in his battle against Google Maps. In 2018, after renewing the application, This London postal code suddenly changed, Report Defender, Provided by 20 minutes. Since then, it has not been possible for him to get deliveries to his address or even drop him off at his doorstep. His address l’application GPS, 800 m from his home, in the middle of a park in the English capital.

To fix this bug Simon Forks tried to contact the app by all means, to no avail. For three long years, Google Map Nothing has been done to fix this problem. So, London had to find tricky and alternative solutions Like putting information in delivery notes or giving him a close address to try to intercept the delivery man in a timely manner.

Simon Forks was not the only one to find himself in this situation. In fact, British media outlets report that Google Maps community centers regularly share messages from people in the same situation as Simon Forks. After three years of struggle, Things changed when Britain contacted a media company to tell its story. The case was quickly publicized, and within 24 hours Google Maps corrected its mailing address without giving any explanation for the issue.

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