Information you did not know about the cartoon

Information you did not know about the cartoon

Released in the United States on December 24, 1970, this film Aristocats Today marks its 50th anniversary. Five decades later, despite the efforts of Butler Edgar, Mary, Berlios and Toulouse cats are still popular with children and nostalgic people.

Besides, these three cats Initially there should be four. According to the American site Mentalflow, A Additional heir appeared in the film, In the name of Waterloo. It was eventually removed by producers who were concerned that there were too many characters.

Aristocats, 20th Disney Studios ‘Animated Classic’, and more Last approved directly Walter Elias Disney Itself. Thus he was the last in the final credits of “A Walt Disney Production”. And, it is The first film to be released after the death of the founder Of the company, died in 1966.

The Aristocats – Scales and Arpegios I Disney

A modest success in its release

And Aristocats It has become a classic over time and was not really like that when it was released. After the victories we had with our predecessors, viz Forest book And 101 Dalmatians, Competing is not easy.

$ 4 million budget

However $ 4 million budget, The film would have grossed 55 million at the end. A good profit, especially due to the lot of work in one part of the studio, in which 4 years products, Near 325,000 maps, Produced by 35 animators

A portion of this budget was distributed to voice actors Six “Disney’s Nine Wise Men”. The group of iconic animators is active in the studio’s first golden age.

Return of Bill Harris

After playing the plow Forest book, Famous Jasmine Bill Harris plays the voice of Thomas O’Malley, Alley cat. Another Jasmine received his name in credits, Louis Armstrong to overtake Scott Kate. Unfortunately, the singer fell ill shortly before the recordings.

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