Donald Trump veto security budget

Donald Trump met son veto au budget de la défense

“Unfortunately, this bill does not include important measures for national security” and “runs counter to my government’s efforts to put the United States first in national security and foreign policy.” In his official message to Congress, President Trump described it as a “gift to China and Russia.”

He therefore sends the speech back to two chambers of Congress, which have the potential to override President Veto by replacing him with a qualified majority. If elected officials who adopted it confirm their initial vote, the text will become law despite opposition from Donald Trump, which is the first time in his four-year tenure at the White House.

The bill stands apart from the budget speech, which includes a plan to support the US economy, on which Donald Trump is threatening a veto to get more money for families.

The U.S. $ 740.5 billion defense budget for 2021, approved by both houses of Congress two weeks ago, includes a 3% increase in the salaries of defense staff.

But the Republican millionaire has specifically threatened to veto it, because the text does not include the repeal of a law called “Article 230” and the protection of the legal status of social networks. A pro against him.

He also laments that the Pentagon’s finance law plans to rename military bases calling for generals from the Confederate camp to protect slavery.

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