PCR or Antigen Tests: Where to Test in London?

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This is the question that everyone is asking themselves at the moment. Since this morning, the border with France has been reopened to France and Europeans. But all passengers must present a negative Covit-19 test to enter France.

Apparently, the editorial staff of LePetitJournal.com in London is mobilizing to help you. Here are the first elements we have.

To cross the border, everyone must provide a certificate to Covid 19 certifying that he or she is negative. You can do this with a PCR test or an antigen test.

Les tests PCR

you can Book a place for French medicine in London To be tested for the new corona virus. The PCR test costs 120, which is included in the consultation price. However, the demand is very strong at this time and as the labs are high, the results cannot be confirmed within 48 hours. So in this case it is difficult for you to be in France for Christmas.

Other London centers guarantee results within 24 hours, but at a higher cost. At the General Training Medical Center in London, PCR test costs Example 5 295.

The doctor can also call, For home-performed testing. But at this time, it takes 7 hours to get a visit to a doctor because the services are overloaded. The cost of the PCR test in this case is 2 322.

Finally, a complete list of laboratories or medical centers approved by the authorities for PCR tests Available on the government site.

Antigenic tests

Returning to France, antigen testing may also be offered in lieu of PCR testing. The principle is the same, but the fabric introduced into the nose is thinner and the feeling is less unpleasant. The main advantage of this test is that the results are available within 15 minutes. You are leaving with your certificate.

French Medicare has these tests, which cost 50 and are included in the price of the consultation. Appointments are still available tonight (Wednesday 23rd December) and tomorrow morning (24th December). It is a good idea to book your time and place online.

French Medicare works in conjunction with Innova Tests, which it recognizes New strain of virus. For this new variant of Covid-19 it is necessary to check whether the test you perform is reliable. In fact, when crossing the border, you will be asked for your certificate, and the name of the test indicated on your certificate should appear in the list of tests approved for the new strain. This list is available on the Embassy website.

Warning! Antigen testing is sufficient if you take a boat, train or road via shuttle, but some aircraft require PCR testing. Check before you go!

Finally, a little helpful advice. When doing the PCR test on you, remember to breathe through your nose at the same time, the sensation that occurs during the test can be very unpleasant.

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