Latin America: Venezuela – Abia Yala people demand lifting of CCN siege

Latin America: Venezuela - Abia Yala people demand lifting of CCN siege

Latin America. Monday December 21, 2020. CCN / Bolivarphos / Franசois Lopez. The meeting of the people and organizations of Abiya Yala to build a pluralistic America ended on Saturday. Participants endorsed a declaration in support of justice for Native peoples, regional nations and the motherland, condemning the US decision to list water on the stock exchange.

“Listed on the stock exchange is a price to pay for life! Water cannot be marketed and cannot be in private hands. Access to water is a people’s right,” the statement said.

In addition, the document calls on the people and organizations of Abyssinia to “prevent the privatization of this natural resource by imperialism and to accept their responsibilities by protecting the source of life” that our forefathers and paternal uncle left us. “

Participants in the meeting issued a second statement condemning the US siege of Venezuela and reaffirming their support for the “people, the Venezuelan government and its President Nicolas Maduro Moroz”. “

They also stated that they firmly denied any involvement of any state or organization in the internal affairs of Venezuela. The document concludes that the Venezuelan people “have the right to defend their sovereignty and their independent self-determination.”

In this meeting, topics of interest to original businesses, the creation of social businesses, the preservation of ancestral food production practices, the colonization of the economy and the production of goods and services of money, the adoption of a fluorinational state as a Latin American policy and the preservation of the use of traditional healers.

Translation by Franசois Lopez for Bolivar Infos

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