Hyun-Jin Ryu was named the best left-handed pitcher in the MLP

This afternoon, the Toronto Blue Jazz opening pitcher received the Hyun-Jin Ryu Warren Spaun Award, which earned him the MLP for last season’s best left-handed pitcher. He won Best Gunners like Patrick Corbin and Blake Snell, who won prizes in 2019 and 2018, respectively.

By 2020, all the Koreans were on fire for the Toronto team. Playing in a different uniform than the Dodgers for the first time in seven years, he clearly brought his talent to Toronto with him (Well, buffalo, you understand). This short regular season he has maintained a run average (ERA) of 676 innings in 12 starts. Unfortunately he was not so reliable in the playoffs. He eventually received the third highest number of votes for the CY Young Award in the United States (won by Shane Bieber of the Cleveland Baseball team).

Interestingly, despite the absurdly low era, it is the highest in the last three years. It is about telling you the talent of man.

What about the Dallas Kitchen?

However, this is a very funny decision. The selectors seem to have simply dismissed another left-handed player, Dallas Tweet. The jug maintained a lower ERA than the Rue, at just 1.99. He drove less than a game (five innings), but in terms of a pro ratio he generally scored more than Rue, allowing runs and home runs (two all season for a tweet). He has one more hit on the clock. Bigger, bigger, difference: Ryu is a takeaway machine. He has scored 72 runs in 67 innings. Since there are only 42, even mathematics cannot give a benefit to tweeting.

So the question arises: how to calculate the efficiency of a pitcher? I agree that strikeouts are a key feature of this thing, but the ability to force hitters to hit a ground ball or a ball or the ability to hit a shift is also important all the way to putting out a thunderbolt.

Let me answer this question in the comments.

A nice bat on the back

The Blue Jays organization, especially General Manager Rose Atkins, can be proud of their success in attracting a ticket like Rue to Canada and Queen City. This is the biggest challenge some teams face in all sports, but Blue Zeus has done better in recent years.

We hope this good work will continue, which will allow Blue Spice and many other names they now relate to impress George Springer.

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