Any other Christmas: Barbecue Emmanuel and Maxim off the coast of Australia

On the left, Emmanuel and his Colombian friend Irma are on a Melbourne beach. On the right, Mitsim greets from Sydney. (© La Gazette to Center Morbihan)

How about a hangout with friends on the beach, around a 30 degree barbecue outside Christmas ? Well, it happens to two Emmanuel and Maxim, two Bretons Foreigners in Australia. Evidence.

There, it was summer

There is no winter because it is summer. The kids are on vacation and Christmas is not really celebrated religiously. “Here, it’s less family friendly, but more festive, explain Emmanuel and Maxim. Families travel and go to the beach or national parks.”

At Christmas, there is a large table with a variety of salads and of course barbecue. In Australia, they are everywhere on the beaches.

Emmanuel Caro and his friend Irma on a beach in Melbourne, Australia.
Emmanuel Caro and his friend Irma on a beach in Melbourne, Australia. (© La Gazette to Center Morbihan)

These two thirties wanted change, and they have it! Do not regret their choice. More surprises: Before this trip, they did not know each other.

They met at the scene

Benefit of the opportunity, they both belong to the same region. From the same field, the same: Morbihan. Maxim Dano 31, Emmanuel Caro, 28.

Both wanted Live a new experience. In Look at the country. They took the same flight ticket to Australia. “I never dared to leave my bubble. I just wanted someone to leave my comfort zone, ”says Maxim.

Mitsim Dano greets from Sydney.
Mitsim Dano greets from Sydney. (© La Gazette to Center-Morbihan)

For his part, Emmanuel explains that he “does not want to map life into everything.” “I wanted to discover new lifestyles. I wanted to Let me be carried by the wind“, Smiles the Breton.

I decided to live away from travel / work cycles. I work for three, six months or even a year, and then I go elsewhere.

Emmanuel CarroForeigner in Australia

So Emmanuel had already gone through Norway before packing his bags in Australia. Currently, he works for a construction company like Maxim.

Covid 19 did not save the country

From there, more than 16,000 kilometers Their own Brittany, Both friends know that they will not live a Christmas like the others. Even in Australia. ” The virus was too, But because we are on an island, it soon subsided, ”says Maxim.

It should also be said that “the restrictions are very strict at the beginning and relatively long”. One state, Victoria, suffered more than the others. But control and prevention measures in other regions have almost eliminated the virus, ”says Emmanuel.

Morbihannoys Emmanuel Caro in Australia
Morbihannoys Emmanuel Caro in Australia (© La Gazette to Center Morbihan)

The hard part: being away from your family

But now it is in practice Behind them. “There are no restrictions. Bars, nightclubs and restaurants are reopened. Wearing a mask is recommended, but not mandatory,” Emmanuel explains.

As for Christmas, there is no measure of respect for the crowds. We have to keep a social distance of five feet.

Emmanuel Carro
Emmanuel Caro, with his backpack, wants to explore different parts of Australia.
Emmanuel Caro, with his backpack, wants to explore different parts of Australia. (© La Gazette to Center Morbihan)

Far away from family

B that spending Christmas hot is good for them. Although Emmanuel and Maxim agree, the hardest part for them is having to spend it far away from home, especially away from their family. We can’t have everything

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