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Where to buy and order wine in London and the UK?

Many of us have decided to spend the holidays somewhere in London or the UK. Others are now forced to stay on this side of the channel by recent announcements from various European countries, including France. Suspends all connections to the continent.

So, not to drown out your sorrows, the time has come to indulge yourself by ordering some good bottles from a French wine merchant established near London for almost 20 years.

With The Wine Story Club, Thibo Lavergne Delivers all of the wines directly to your doorstep. You can find hundreds of references in its wine list: Champagne, Bordeaux Burgundy, Peugeot, Rhine Valley, Provence, Languedoc, Southwest, Alsace, Lower Valley, Jura. A few good bottles from Spain and Italy, not to mention the most fantastic list of spirits.

But since you need to be a little wet, here are some of our favorite wines

Pryron Falls, A gramond who appears on the Michelin-starred chart of his majestic kingdom. Heritage Quay from Chatto Vanniers, A red wine from the pandol appeal, bursting with fruit, but with the tonic structure of a grapefruit: marmotre. Chatto Tornellus, Red fruits, especially with hints of cherry and spices, represent the best of the budget. Finally, respect for women, Muscat from Chatto to Going, The soul of two passionate women wine growers. A majestic quay with all your seafood. Other nuggets to find here.

5 Good Reasons to Choose a Wine Story Club

Family Representation of small family vineyards that love good and tradition.

Wines made with small amounts of love by families who have owned their own gardens for generations.

Region Wine is a selection based on the search for truly generic wines for their region to appreciate the diversity of the world in all its splendor.

Production Option for natural production methods (organic, natural or biodynamic) to protect the wine as much as possible from the synthetic effects of chemicals and additives such as sulfur and pesticides.

• a A special offer is reserved for our readers With -10% of your order is valid By signaling that you are loyal to LePetitJournal.com in London.

To be accessible Wine list Here it is

Send your orders directly [email protected]

Do not hesitate to ask him for advice 07921 770 691


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