The Reds are asking for offers for Mike Moustagas

The Reds are asking for offers for Mike Moustagas

Two days ago, I mentioned in another article that Eugenio Suarez and Sonny Gray could leave the Cincinnati Reds. The next day, my colleague William Theriold and star pitcher Luis Castillo also said they could leave the team. Now, another star player may leave Ohio. This is Mike Moustagas.

Moustagas was with the Reds in his first year this season. He signed a four-season contract worth $ 48 million in December 2019. The system is really on the verge of exchanging everyone.

In 44 games this season, the 32-year-old infielder has not had the desired effect with his new team. His batting average.230 is the second worst of his career. However, as far as he is on target, he maintained an average of 331. This is his second best career season based on this statistic.

His first season with the Reds was arguably not bad, but it wasn’t unique.

Although the team has already traded Rizal Iglesias to the Angels and failed to offer a contract to Archie Bradley, Kurt Cassali and Brian Goodwin, they seem to be actually selling a fire.

The team started the 2020 season well, they had good players, their rotation was one of the best in the MLP, but after confirming that Trevor Perr is leaving the team, everything seems to have fallen apart. The team has only made the playoffs four times since the 2000 season, and it looks like everything is going to be tough restructuring in Cincinnati.

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