Defensively, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. should redouble his efforts

Defensively, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. should redouble his efforts

Since his Winter League debut, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has aggressively taken the place he left off when he had a leading baseball opportunity. Although he not only hit long balls, Vladimir Guerrero is the biggest force in the son of a senior with many wins.

That’s a good sign.

But defensively, it is very difficult. He went to play in the Dominican Republic to prove he could play third mattress. This is his big goal of the office, he has repeated it time and time again.

But since he arrived in the Winter League, he has not met the demand at this level. Hector Gomez, an informed South American MLP, said Vladi did not find his touch exactly in the hot corner.

In 10 games, he saw four errors being debited to his record. His most recent? A throw rather than off target.

It was unfortunate, but it was the throw of a guy who wanted to fix things.

Blue Zeus should not attract what they see. After all, despite making some good plays, the team is looking for consistency on the third floor and can’t deliver it now.

Is it too late to change everything? Absolutely not. After all, the model is still small and Charlie Montoya (publicly, at least) Jr. said he was going to get the chance to return to his job.

Between you and me, even if he does not help each other, it is in training camp that we will see if he can play third place in the Majors in 2021.

But the young man will have to hurry because Jayce wants to add an element to the infield. As such, he is at risk of suffering from staying on the first floor.

Congratulations to him for actually playing the third site – Especially with that hand.

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