All four of these puppies, which were stolen several days ago, were found and reunited with their mistress

All four of these puppies, which were stolen several days ago, were found and reunited with their mistress

In Australia, a thief broke into a house to steal four small clean puppies. After several days without news, the animals were found safe and sound.

Four small Puppies Four-week-old babies abducted in Australia Small animals are a cross between the cowboy, the poodle and the cavalier King Charles.


This coveted cleaner attracted a small-minded person who entered the house where the little dogs lived and stole them.

Mandatory door in the cockpit

There were animals Removed When they were in the living room of their house. The thief entered the home of the owner, Jenny Marie, and forced her to enter with a cockpit. All four puppies were stolen while their mother was behind.

Credit Photo: Missing and Stolen Pets Australia

To find them, Jenny Marie decided to start calling on social networks. “They will not survive without a mother. Please help me find and retrieve my precious puppies. ”, She prayed.

The young woman added that the police would not be notified if the animals were returned immediately. Unfortunately, this decision was not enough to convince the thief.

Detectives for missing animals

An association that saw Jenny Mary’s announcement decided to help her. Foundation for “Missing and Stolen Pets Australia” will find many detectives animals Lost or stolen. The company shared Jenny’s story and announced it to several investigators.

The puppies have been missing for several days. Eventually, the small animals thanked an investigator who alerted police. After retrieving them, police officers take the puppies to a veterinarian and check their health.

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Credit Photo: Missing and Stolen Pets Australia

“The puppies were safe and soundQueensland police said. The cattle have returned to see them for their health, they are growing and eating well. “

The thief is said to be a 47-year-old man.

Puppies are healthy

Safe and sound, the puppies were able to return to their homes. The reunion between Jenny and the animal was filmed in a touching video where the young woman can be seen with a big smile on her lips, relieved to find her small children.

Credit Photo: Missing and Stolen Pets Australia

To express his gratitude, he posted a new message on his Facebook account.

“I send all my love and a big thank you to Grillie Gull, the world’s greatest pet! Thank you for being able to bring my kids home with your efforts. Nothing is possible without you.”, She wrote.

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