A month before the appointment, Camp Trump is considering martial law to cancel the election

A month before the appointment, Camp Trump is considering martial law to cancel the election

Joe Biden’s victory is now official, but Donald Trump, despite being isolated, is still on track to invalidate the election ruling, a month before his mandate expires. In the corner, several American media outlets have reported that the president and his close aides do not hesitate to put forward the most daring ideas, such as establishing martial law. The option was reportedly discussed at a meeting on Friday and provoked great criticism in the political class.

The idea of ​​handing over executive and judicial power to the military has been circulating among Donald Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters since early December, and, according to his supporters, will allow the military to hand over power in the run-up to a new presidential election.

After World War II, the federal government did not use martial law. According to a study by the Brennan Center for Justice, a legal think tank published in August, Congress will need an agreement with Donald Trump to establish it. On the CNN channel, Republican Senator Mitt Romney said Sunday it was “not going to happen,” for whom “it’s not going anywhere.”

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Republicans don’t care

Many local Republican-elected officials have encouraged him in recent hours to choose this path. The former real estate developer is refusing to let that happen, despite the fact that the big voter who confirmed Democrat Joe Biden’s election voted on Monday and his camp’s failed legal action to condemn the irregularities during the poll.

Last Tuesday, her spokeswoman Kaylee McNani underestimated the voter turnout, saying it was “a step in the constitutional process” and recalled that not all legal action had been cleansed.

After waiting for more than a month, some Republican bigwigs recorded the defeat of Senate Mitch McConnell’s leader Donald Trump last week, even though an extreme presence dominated. With the exception of Mitt Romney, no elected Conservative has condemned the idea of ​​resorting to martial law.

“Any elected or Republican candidate who remains silent on the matter is unfit to lead,” said an angry Sunday Pat Carroffalo, a Republican who was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives. Sunday Mid-Romney, one of the few critical voices in his party, said that the president could win the last chapter of his decree “with the advent of the vaccine” against Covid 19 rather than compete at the end of the referendum. Trump becomes president. “It’s so sad and embarrassing.”

According to New York Times, Most advisers to the president would have immediately shunned the idea of ​​establishing martial law. The appointment of controversial lawyer Sidney Powell as special counsel is said to have been opposed by many to another suggestion by the president in charge of investigating election irregularities. The 65-year-old former lawyer has been claiming for weeks that, without any evidence, he had exposed an international conspiracy to defeat Donald Trump. After serving on the president’s panel of lawyers, he was fired.

Conspiracy theories

The possibility of a presidential order to seize and seize voting machines was also mentioned Friday, according to the Trump camp, which provided no evidence, as an instrument of large-scale fraud.

The window, if it still exists, is shrinking, with the U.S. president hoping to reduce the number of believers and radical conservative media in the news frontiers. He retweeted the conspiracy theories of fringe sites like Donald Trump The Gateway Pundit on Sunday and continues to improve his site, which, according to social media, believes in a major change.

The Biden clan, according to him, refuses to drag himself into a debate that no longer needs to be. “There’s a lot going on in this country … we should be worried about what’s going on in the Oval Office,” Jen Zaki, President Biden’s future newspaper official, told Fox News on Sunday. John Bolten, a former national security adviser to the outgoing president, commented that some say “Trump is getting worse as January 20 approaches.” “This is wrong. It’s the same behavior, it’s repeated.”



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