Electric State: Russo Brothers in a science fiction movie by Millie Bobby Brown

Electric State: Russo Brothers in a science fiction movie by Millie Bobby Brown

The announcement of Millie Bobby Brown in the cast of this film, directed by the Russo brothers, promises that “Electric State” will be very exciting. It will be an adaptation of the graphic novel by Simon Stellenhawk, whose works have already been featured in the “Tales from the Loop” series.

Millie Bobby Brown: Talent can’t wait

Like Natalie Portman of the 21st century, Millie Bobby Brown appeared on American television at a young age. At the age of 9, he starred in a young Alice Once upon a time in Wonderland And goes with the characters NCIS: Special Investigations And Gray physique. His career exploded in 2016 as Eleven played in the event Stranger things On Netflix. Since then he has made his first steps in cinema Godzilla: King of monsters And Enola Holmes It should become a right. The 16-year-old actress is a fan start in her career.

Stranger things
Stranger things © Netflix

Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, they, it is the quiet power of perception. They specialize in producing episodes of comedy series for television in the early 2000s (Good luck, Development arrest, Social, Off results…) Before you know it Accepting the stadium was a decisive turning point in their lives Captain America: Winter Soldier In 2014. Then they go to Marvel Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinite War And Avengers: Endcom, The biggest hit in world box office history.

So combining Millie Bobby Brown with the Russo brothers seems like a very interesting idea, with the result that we will soon have a chance to find out.

Robot and baby

According to our colleagues Deadline, Millie Bobby Brown will soon be shooting on the orders of the Russo Brothers In the adaptation of the graphic novel Electrical condition Presented by Simon Stollenhawk.

An alternative to the story takes place in 1997A teenage girl who ran away and her little yellow robot Travel west through a strange American landscape littered with the ruins of gigantic war drones. Both cross Places of past war And the collapse of the consumer and high-tech community addicted to a virtual reality system. The young woman wants to find her brother in this apocalyptic world and finds out that a conspiracy is developing.

Electrical condition
Electrical condition © Simon Stollenhawk

Universal Pictures acquired the distribution and production rights to the project and promised the directors to release it in theaters. Russos was delighted with the move to allow the public Find it on the big screen. The screenplay will be written by Christopher Marcus and Stephen McPheely, who have previously worked with directors on four previous projects at Marvel.

Author of the original work, Simon Stollenhawk, Was revealed to the general public on the Internet, where he first shared his retro-futuristic charts full of poetry, which appear to no longer work with the most advanced technology to create an alternative reality that mixes the present and the future. Based on the incredible series is already in his charts Stories from the loop, Aired on Amazon Prime Video, Good luck Black glass Slightly convincing news and close to nature.

This adaptation of his book Electrical condition Going into production in the best possible way by the end of 2021, the Russo brothers are already busy The Gray Man.

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