Bitcoin (BTC) is creating a new ATH! These two altcoins will rise in Crypto Insiders

Bitcoin (BTC) breekt uit en vormt nieuwe ATH! Deze twee altcoins stijgen op

Bitcoin (PTC) For over $ 20,000, it’s slow! Saw it again today The price of bitcoin A nice increase with the new All Time High (ATH) As a result. But can Bulls Continue?

Bitcoin (PTC) Price New ADH

On December 17, after Bitcoin set a new all-time high in the 000 23,000 region, prices consolidated in the days that followed, creating a lateral price trajectory. It ended today at 13:00. PTC prices began to rise again.

, 7 at 23,700, was expected to be a zone of resistance. This is the area that was twice as expensive on December 17th. Today the price is above this and the new all time high, 200 reached 24,200 cryptocurrency exchange Coin!

And on its basis Average Calculated by CoinMarketCap, BTC has reached a new record. CMC sets a new record of 24,085 and over $ 24,000. Still, the bulls could not proceed directly toward $ 25,000.

After hitting the new ATH, the price is now back a bit. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is 7 23,776 on Coinbase. Once the price finds support at that price level a firm break above the resistance close to US $ 23,700 can be confirmed. And for the short term, it is 200 23,200 Support. Then it generates 000 23,000, where it will be 50 hours Moving Average (MA) Located, potential support.

T-Lip Litcoin (LTC) My Accounting Currency (BNP)

The first 10 places turned completely red yesterday, but thankfully today there are some green again. Ethereum (ETH) The value rises by 2.2% and stands at 9,659.50 Ripple (XRP) altcoin rises again after falling by double digits yesterday. The XRP value is $ 0.5861 after a 3.6% increase.

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The largest risers are currently in the top 10 places Litcoin (LTC) In Accounting Currency (BNB). LTC is valued at approximately 10.5% and $ 118.50. BNP rose 9.8% to $ 33.70.

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