London and a part of the UK with high caution


Faced with the spread of the corona virus, millions of people living in various regions in the east and southeast of the UK will be subjected to the most stringent restrictions on the fight against Govt from Saturday 19 December. 19.

With our correspondent in London, Muriel Telcroix

This weekend, 38 million people, or 68% of the UK population, find themselves in the affected areas Level 3, maximum alert level. A gateway to the closing of hotels, restaurants, hotels, museums and theaters.

The capital, London, which was hit hard by the second wave, was placed under maximum control on Wednesday. Health Minister Matt Hancock has not kept his concerns secret as cases have risen by 46% in the southeast last week and two-thirds in the east of the UK.

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Under the pressure of Boris Johnson

The Minister, who supported the drastic measures to protect the British in the face of a threatening third wave, wanted to reconsider the device to relax the rules for Christmas, for example, to reduce the time and number of reunions. He would not have won the case against Boris Johnson, he did not want to risk interfering by thwarting the party plans of the people.

However, the Prime Minister is under intense pressure to follow the rest of the Kingdom: Northern Ireland has announced a third six-week prison term from December 26, while Wales will have an indefinite stay of detention from December 28.

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