Google and Qualcomm promise three-year major Android updates

Google and Qualcomm promise three-year major Android updates

Qualcomm and Google are working together to make software tracking on Android smartphones longer and harder. They are now announcing the warranty of major updates in three years.

This is good news for Android users. Google and Qualcomm have decided to work together to provide long-term updates dedicated to premium Android smartphones. For now, Qualcomm will guarantee three years of major operating system upgrades and four years of security updates. The process will start Snapdragon 888, The founder of the latest high-end SoC, but later expanded to all Snapdragon chipsets.

Google teams have made it clear from our colleaguesArs Technica What Qualcomm will support the release version and three operating system updates for a total of four major versions of the Android operating system. ”. Snapdragon 888 will support Android 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Qualcomm in its description Communication, This partnership with Google is designed to allow OEMs to update their mobiles “Without replacing Qualcomm’s chipset-specific software, and without using the common Android software branch to upgrade devices based on the wider Snapdragon”. Improvements to reduce the time and resources required to upgrade Snapdragon devices to the latest version of the Android operating system.

Because it often gets stuck. After Qualcomm checks after Google ranks, the mobile marketing brand should do a part of its job. For the high-end SoC, software tracking is generally more rigorous, but it is less common on low-cost smartphones, although the situation has improved significantly in recent years.

Apple is unaware of the Android fragmentation problem, which is exploiting its software. The company thus controls updates and can now provide five years of software tracking for iPhone 6s.

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