Fear that the 2021 Australian Grand Prix will be canceled?

Fear that the 2021 Australian Grand Prix will be canceled?

Australia faces new wave of Covid 19 epidemic, should we ever fear the 2021 Australian Grand Prix will be canceled or postponed?

Those who say postponement often say the event will be canceled for the urban or semi-permanent Grand Prix. Australia is facing a new epidemic, and in less than 3 months since the start of the 2021 season, anyone who can say that this event will happen is very smart.

Is Australia 2021 already in jeopardy?

Millions of Sydney residents have been asked to stay at home after a new Govt explosion ended a two-week moratorium without any local lawsuits. Australian authorities are working to find the source of the infection. The New South Wales (NSW) government has urged all residents to wear masks in public and to be “extra careful.”

Residents now face restrictions on travel to other states in the country. The new bunch has raised national concerns and raised doubts about many Australians’ plans for Christmas. Unlike Melbourne, wearing a mask is not a common practice in Sydney in recent months due to its low infection rate.

But the New South Wales Premier Gladys advised the city to have five million residents “With more caution about Govt” And review their activities and social interactions. Last October, Melbourne emerged from a lockout that lasted 112 days, with the state of Victoria being the epicenter of Australia’s second wave, accounting for more than 90% of its 905 deaths.

A biosphere for the Australian Grand Prix

The Grand Prix organizer, the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC), wants to be inspired by the “coward-safe” operations found in Abu Dhabi. A biosphere is also planned: Officers will be divided into 2 groups as Profile 1 and Profile 2. The persons in profile 1 are F1 technical secretaries, firefighters for pit-lance and race movement staff. Appointed in Profile 2 are Fist Marshals, technical marshals of support races, Fist firefighters, people dedicated to transportation and communications.

Thus 96 hours before the event, officers will be checked and placed in solitary confinement, which can be reduced to 24 hours. When negative tests are confirmed, officers will be accommodated in only one of the 4 life-saving hotels.
Officers will have to stay in the “F1 bubble” for the duration of the event, and must respect 14 days of isolation. The start of the 2021 season is scheduled for March 21st and the situation should occasionally get out of hand.

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