Mani Ramirez wants Australia for Quebec

The current climate obviously has a lot to do with it, but senior baseball player Manny Ramirez will extend his longer and more prosperous life in Australia than what is currently developing in Quebec.

Ramirez, 48, has been with the Sydney Blue Sox in the Australian Baseball League (APL) since early December. The season also starts in kangaroo land these days.

“We now have our own ambassador for the game of baseball, unlike in this country,” Blue Sox owner Adam Dope proudly told the New York Times on Wednesday.

Tob admitted that he imagined a bad joke when Ramirez’s agent contacted him a few months ago to test his interest in the services of the former Boston Red Sox star. A teacher of 555 professional home runs in the 2004 World Series MVP and Major League Baseball, Ramirez was ready to play anywhere … both sides struck a one-year deal with one rule. Sydney Creation rules that he has no right to trade with another club in the APL.

The owner of Blue Socks openly negotiated. A tour of the team’s official website, this Wednesday, was able to realize an ad at the top of the page, whose promo code is: MANNY.

With capitals for its 50th anniversary?

Ramirez would have practically toured the world thanks to baseball. A native of the Dominican Republic, he played 19 seasons in major leagues in the United States before meeting in Taiwan at the age of 41 in the United States. Here he is now in Australia a few years later!

Regarding his connection with the city of Quebec, Ramirez made a trip to the Capitol-National region last March. He had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the P45 stick factory. Capitals Michael Laplande has confirmed that talks are underway to play Ramirez in La Belle province this summer as part of a four-team tournament that has spanned several weeks in Quebec City and Trois. -Rivers. However, this could not happen due to the COVID-19 infection.

Seeing Ramirez go, don’t discount anything. Will he be coming to play in Quebec to mark his 50th birthday in 2022? We never know. Until then, it may be interesting to see his talent in Australia.

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