London folds, hopes of a Brexit deal cool

London folds, hopes of a Brexit deal cool

LONDON (awp / dpa) – The London Stock Exchange fell on Thursday as investor confidence in the Brexit deal was dampened by reports from a UK official, while the Bank of England maintained its surprising rates and repurchases.

The FTSE-100 index of major stocks was down 0.30% at 6,551.06 points.

CMC Markets Analyst Michael Hewson commented, “After Michael Gove’s comments, it went into negative territory, which dampened confidence in the post – Brexit trade deal.”

European negotiator Michael Barnier said on Thursday that a trade deal between London and Brussels was possible, while that it was “difficult” and that a compromise to allow European fishermen to access British waters seemed at this time.

British Minister Michael Cove provoked these comments, assessing the moment as “no chance” and “no deal”.

Meanwhile, the Bank of England (BoE) kept its key rate at an all-time low of 0.1% and left its asset repurchase plan unchanged at the last meeting of the year. He worries about the evolution of the epidemic and the long-standing uncertainties about the post-Brexit deal in 2021.

WPP (+ 4.19% to 815.00 pence). The advertising company announced on a day dedicated to investors that it wants to return to its 2019 operating levels in 2022, ahead of growth of 3 to 4% year-on-year from 2023, thanks to its strength in operations in online commerce, acquisitions and savings.

Swiss watches (+ 6.32% to 555.00 pence). The British Watch Store chain has revised its forecasts for the 2020-2021 financial year (ending at the end of April), after the first half lagged behind strong online sales.

TALKTALK (+ 4.10% to 100.20 pence) British telecom operator has accepted a இரண்டு 1.1 billion acquisition offer from two investment companies, which could lead to a withdrawal from the London Stock Exchange.

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