La Guys is investing $ 1 billion in green energy

La Guys is investing $ 1 billion in green energy

Keise de Debt et Placement to Quebec, the leading promoter, owner and private operator of wind and solar projects in North America, has announced an investment of US $ 1 billion (Canadian 1.3 billion) in renewable innovations.


Gaius’ commitment, in the form of new investment facilities, reflects a new phase in its long-term partnership with Innergy, which acquired a stake in wind farms almost eight years ago in the Innergy process. Over the years, CDPQ has gradually increased its investments in the community.

“This new investment by CDPQ is the largest since our fruitful partnership with Innergy began in 2013,” said Emmanuel Jacqueline, CDPQ’s senior vice president and infrastructure leader. CDPQ delights in enthusiastically developing new renewable projects and investing its creative capital in support of innovators and their teams contributing to climate change. ”

“These additional investment facilities will accelerate the growth of innovation innovations and secure its leadership position in the industry,” said Jim Murphy, COO, Chairman, Innergy. “CDPQ is a trusted and valuable investment partner in our renewable energy business and we look forward to working together to continue the energy industry’s affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly transformation.”

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