Bowie, Johnny and Sylvie, Led Zeppelin, Joy Section, Chat Baker … Music Books Like Rain

The story of a song, the background of a legendary group or portraits of the best musicians of our time … because events about artists are as sweet as finding recordings, and here are twenty choices to strengthen their music culture and satisfy their curiosity in our books.

Rock & Pop

Simon Reynolds Clash Clash

Finally. Glam Rock deserves it. Often reduced to a funny and awkward bracket in rock history or, conversely, to sum up David Bowie’s consensus and consensus personality, the movement that seduced England back in the early 1970s was much more than that. Analysis of pop music but honest lover Simon Reynolds, in all its diversity, who is appropriate to capture the glamorous frenzy in the complex relationships between celebrity and adversary?

The British music journalist, starting with the real and final icon of the Mark Pollen genre, in seven hundred pages, will inevitably ignore any elements of the event if he devotes a good space to his galaxy: the shocking rock of American Alice Cooper; The sweet “less glamorous” of sweet, earthy or slate; Roxy Music Rock Art; Garbage relatives U.S. New York Dolls or Wayne County; Baroque Cogniz Rebellion or spark; The theatrical weight of Alex Harvey or Heavy Metal Kids… In other words, the festive rock, as powerful as it is, is a complete and emotional portrait of those blessed years, while compromising provocative and entertaining.
Ed. Adimat, 700 p., 20.

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