An update on cases and events in your municipality this Thursday is here

An update on cases and events in your municipality this Thursday is here

Today’s report

As in recent days, the number of daily contaminants is increasing again and again. From December 7 to 13, the average number of positive cases increased by 9% to 2,368 a day compared to the previous seven-day period, according to data released by the Sienzano Public Health Institute on Thursday morning. It should be noted that the number of daily tests is increasing.

More than 33,400 tests were performed daily during the same period, an increase of 12% to a positive rate of 8.1%.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, pollution was reported at 3 and 6%, followed by 8% on Wednesday. In all, Belgium has recorded more than 615,000 positive cases since the beginning of the crisis, up from nearly 611,500 in Wednesday morning’s results.

The average number of hospital admissions fell by 2% to 183 hospitals per day (total 45,498 was calculated), and the number of deaths decreased by 6.9% (there was a decline of 12.7% on Wednesday balance sheet) to 92 per day. The death toll from March is now 18,278, 100 more than the previous day.

About 2,712 people were admitted to the hospital on Wednesday in this case on Tuesday, down 2% to 2,770. Of these, 571 were in intensive care (-4%).

Finally, the reproduction rate (Rt) is 0.99, while the incidence, which reflects the number of new cases per 100,000 population, is 276.4 (-18%).

Cases and events in your municipality

In the infographics below, you can see the number of cases reported in your town since the outbreak began, as well as October 19, i.e. yesterday, the hospitality industry closure and curfew order was established. . Find a table with the incidence rate in your municipality (number of new cases multiplied by 100,000, divided by the municipality’s population in the last 14 days). As this number is high, the situation is very complicated …

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