A fifteen year development plan

The Australian Football Confederation has issued its annual Board of Directors (CA) report. Lucorn Opposite understood the key lines of a project that was planned to be revived over the next fifteen years.


The 2020 minutes of the board of directors make plans for Australian football in almost ninety pages and publish the biggest news. Therefore, we must be prepared to establish a second division A-League And Federation Championships National Premier League. A project that has been mentioned twice by Chris Nico (Federation Director) and James Johnson (Federation President and CEO), but we will have to wait for this: ” The development of a national secondary structure, including any future national secondary, is a priority for the federation and is recognized in our “XI Principles” for the future of Australian football. The Federation is excited to move the debate from concept to practical implementation Chris Chris Nico wrote. The growing lobby of this T2 will be delighted, but in the immediate future the priority of body-ruling football in Australia will be the privatization of matches and their stability.

Because financial results are in red. The federation shows a loss of about two million dollars. Other parts of the world have also been affected, with imprisonment and loss of sponsors followed by financial statement losses. However, the federation finds a way to do this by paying less to its private national teams, which are more competitive (especially Soccheros Could not deny Copa America 2020). Discontinued on June 30, 2020, does not take into account the resumption of the CA Balance Championship A-League In July 2020. Compared to 2018 and 2019, when the federation had more than $ 130 million in revenue, this year saw a decline of only $ 108 million collected. On the payment side, the federation has tightened its accounts by spending about 20% less money. We recall that during the March epidemics it had to make a major layoff with 70% economic layoffs.


On the Internet, James Johnson welcomed the frequent arrival of football content broadcasters in Australia by sharing some statistics: + 244% views, + 355% hours and + 14% total commitment via web videos. A godsend that is rewarded by the work of clubs and leagues in creating an appeal around official accounts provided on social networks. The success of these figures is not specifically mentioned National Premier League Became the opposite force of the domination of A-League By sharing the strength of the players from the various mini championships held in Australia. In addition, this strong spread is driven by the former manager of Perth Glory FC, Peter Bilofoulos, and the Football Association of Victoria. He wanted to promote football in the state of Melbourne (Victoria) and gave permission to broadcast matches. His success as a result of his appointment by the Federation to the position of Head of Marketing and Communications has resulted in him repeating this feat nationally.

On the field, in the short term, the Federation wants to maintain the financial health of these clubs (note that there are currently two for sale: The Central Beach Marines And their competitor Jets in Newcastle). The idea, driven by Nico and Johnson in particular, is to increase the exchange rate as it is known in Europe: ” The development of the cast will also be strengthened through the development and implementation of the modern national exchange system. By the end of 2020, the federation was able to organize a series of webinars attended by the world’s largest football organizations, including Manchester United, Olympiacos and FIFA, which have a better understanding of the functioning of European and global exchange markets. Learn lessons for players and Australian football “In Johnson’s mind, clubs must train and sell players to create enough resources for themselves to improve the size of the game for national men’s or women’s teams. A model widely recognized in Europe. City Football Team Where James Johnson worked.

The Board of Directors also announced the restructuring and modernization of the National Cup Federation Cup (Which will be described later) XI Principles, Path to follow:

  • I. Creating a harmonious and strong identity for Australian football that inspires all Australians
  • II. Creating a new story for football that marks a new beginning for the game in Australia, which successfully combines all new endeavors and sets it apart from other sporting codes in the country.
  • III. Develop and build an integrated and prosperous football ecosystem led by a modern national transfer system.
  • IV. The stabilization of the Australian football pyramid is aligned and integrated with optimal competition structures.
  • V. Create a world-class environment for youth development / production by increasing the number of competitive minutes for young players and streamlining player travel.
  • VI. Create a strong culture around the development of coaches and referees, emphasizing the importance of their role as a key link in the development of competence and players.
  • VII. Adaptation to the modern administrative framework for football in Australia in line with global standards and best practices in sports management in Australia.
  • VIII. Create an operating and management model A-League, The W-League And this Y-League This is appropriate for the current situation.
  • IX. Ensuring that football is very open and accessible to the Australian community and that cost will not be a barrier to participation.
  • X. Accelerate and strengthen the development of the game by encouraging the participation of women and girls and improving the existing competitive structures to enhance the development of the players.
  • XI. Raise more Modildas And this Soccheros Symbols and heroes of the game that create the identity of Australian football to inspire every young Aussie regardless of their ability or background

Johnson is fulfilling what he promised. As a former footballer he wants to give this federation a commitment closer to football, thus stopping the former direction of rugby players in a game they do not know. Australia is a football country, a sport mostly played by young Australians between the ages of eight and ten and this fifteen year plan is clear to this next generation of footballers. Soccerose Or Modildas.


Antoine Blanchett-Curin

Author: Antoine Blanchett-Curin

Australian football correspondent in France for the Lucorn Opposite (Socceros, A-League, FFA Cup, NPL).

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