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On Wednesday, December 16, 2020, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDP) announced a $ 1 billion grant to Latin America and the Caribbean. Above all, to ensure access to the most vulnerable people.

Port-au-Prince, December 17, 2020.- The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) announced in a press release yesterday that it will donate $ 1 billion to the United States and the Caribbean. Vaccines against Covid 19.

“Today we launched a new project in which we are republishing $ 1 billion to ensure instant access to all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, not only for procurement, but also for supply infrastructure and savings,” said IDP President Mauricio Clover-Caron.

The latter aims to ensure that “there is a fair and equitable use of the vaccine in accessing the most vulnerable people.”

In the process, IDP was able to meet the 26 borrowing countries and see what their needs are in the process of purchasing and distributing the vaccine.

The U.S. continent has been particularly affected by the epidemic, with 31 million epidemics and more than 78,7000 deaths reported since its inception, with data showing that nearly half of all infections and deaths worldwide. Pan American Health Organization.

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