The Simpsons, the craziest family in America, was screened

The Simpsons, the craziest family in America, was screened

On December 17, 1989, it was the first broadcast of The Simpsons on Fox.

Three years ago, cartoonist Matt Croning was enjoying significant success with the weekly release of his comic strip “Life in Hell”.

He was introduced to filmmaker James L. Brooks was contacted.

The latter wants Matt to turn his comedy into television, especially on the show “The Tracy Woolman Show” aired on Fox.

Matt Croning fears he will lose the publishing rights to his work. He also fears the possible failure to end his beloved comic book.

The Simpsons, the second family of Matt Croning.

A few minutes before Brooks enters the office, he doodles an unbalanced family and instead introduces himself to the producer.

Matt gives his own family members the first names of his own creatures, sometimes identical – his father is called Homer and one of his sisters is called Lisa – and sometimes changes his first name a bit – his mother becomes Margaret Marquez and his sister Magic, also known as Margaret.

According to Bart, the family’s horrible cruelty, it’s really Matt. But his name is Anagram of “Brad”, which means dirty baby in English.

The fox is excited. This is the birth of the Simpsons!

Impossible Simpsons look.

Matt Groning gives animators some basic sketches, thinking they will be upgraded.

But the art team copies them almost identically, which explains their gruesome appearance in the first chapters.

However, all the characters except God and Jesus will have some details like hairstyle and 4 fingers.

Homer Simpson’s ear and hair originally formed Matt Croning’s initials.

Global success.

The first 20-minute shorts aired on December 17, 1989.

It was an amazing, global success for everyone.

The audience appreciates the bite of the series. It is safe to say that Fox was successful in signing a contract with Matt Grooning, which never interfered with the show.

Today, The Simpsons has seen nearly 700 episodes and a 2007 titled film.

They have perpetually upset the popular culture.

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