President Ars accused Bolivia of being a precursor to the destruction of education

President Ars accused Bolivia of being a precursor to the destruction of educationLa Boss, dec.
After inaugurating the Sixth Education Summit to Restore the Right to Education for All, the President said on their Twitter account that “not only has the economy collapsed, but education has also collapsed.”

We had to reach out to the government to hold this sixth meeting and discuss education policies during an epidemic, Ars added, adding that the authorities are responsible for their conspiracy (to overthrow the regime), the order to end their school year only irresponsibly by political calculations.

On the other hand, the power of the movement for socialism reaffirmed its commitment to the Bolivian education system and is proud to come from a family of teachers.

“We need students who are committed to their country, who are identified with our social reality and scientific potential,” Ars concluded, beginning the call for a new generation.

He stressed that this forum, which is attended by representatives of many organizations, is full of projects for urban and rural teachers and students.

The highest official of the Bolivian government said that “this is the right way to implement the lines of our education policy.

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