Leicester City vs Everton: Live Stream and Score Updates (0-0) | 16/12/2020

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19: 10a minutes ago

Leicester City 0-0 Everton

8 ‘Madison is the latest to set his scenes. Against Brighton, he finds space on the edge of that area, but his right foot drive is blocked.

19: 075 minutes ago

Leicester City 0-0 Everton

5 ‘Now Everton’s first chance! Gilfi Sigurdsson manages to move towards Iwobi, but the Nigerian can not get enough contact with an acrobatic endeavor.

19: 047 minutes ago

Leicester City 0-0 Everton

2 ‘early opening Foxes! This is a great job from Barnes who runs to the left and comes inside to find Jamie Verdy. The striker then teases Yuri Tailmans on the edge of the area, but Belgium pulls his shot wide!

19: 0011 minutes ago

Leicester City 0-0 Everton

1 ‘We’re rolling in King Power Stadium! All eyes on the hosts in the first place!

18: 5913 minutes ago

Almost there

On the way out of the teams mine. We’re almost ready to kick-off!

18: 4230 minutes ago

Warm-ups …

18: 2843 minutes ago

Warm ups are going on

Both teams are now out on the field before tonight’s clash. Do we all expect a good watch?

18:22 hours ago


In the meantime, Foxes Fans will be delighted to see Genghis start his first Premier League game for the Under Club.

The Turkish winger already has one goal and three appearances in all competitions this season.

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18:12 p.m.

Bigford Bench …

18:06 hrs ago

Team News

Well, intriguing news from both teams. Headlines for Everton are on the verge of dropping Jordan Pickford for Robin Olson.

Meanwhile, the foxes have made three changes. Genghis Under, Harvey Barnes and Nampalis Mendy replace Mark Albrighton, Ayos Perez and Johnny Evans in the starting lineup.

18:03 hrs ago

Everton Team News

Starting XI: Olsen; Godfrey, Mina, Keane, Holgate; Allen, Sigurdsson, Dccore; Iwobi, Richardson, Calvert-Levine.

Alternatives: Pickford, Kenny, Andre Gomes, Davis, Gordon, Bernard, Dosun.

18:01 p.m.

Leicester City Team News

Starting XI: Schmichel; Fuchs, NDT, Fobana, Justin; Mendy, Tylemans, Madison; Lower, Barnes, Verdi.

Alternatives: Ward, Morgan, Thomas, Breit, Albrighton, Perez, Ihianacho.

16: 582 hours ago

The beginning of the countdown

There is only an hour until the group news is released.

If you were Brendan Rodgers or Carlo Ancelotti tonight, which XIs would you name?

18:36 a day before

Join the conversation

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18: 35a the day before

Carlo Ancelotti in Leicester

Meanwhile, the Everton boss is expecting a sharpening Foxes’ Attack on King Power Stadium. he said: “It simply came to our notice then [to play against Leicester].

“They have quality, fast players, a fantastic striker in Verdi, players who practice scoring in every game.

“Their best quality is their attacking style, which is very efficient.”

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18:32 a day before

Brendan Rodgers at Everton …

The Foxes’ The boss expects a moderate toffees page Wednesday evening. he said: “They are a team with amazing players. They started well and then there were injuries that knocked out their consistency, but they are coming into this game on the back of the best end of the season.

“They were very strong against Chelsea. It is very tight. There are a lot of games, the gaps between games are not that big. You have to get it. “

18:31 a.m. the day before

Everton Team News

Like Rodgers, Ancelotti has a few injuries. Seamus Coleman And James Rodriguez Both are injured and want to Lucas Dickney And Fabian Delph Marginalized. Jean-Philippe Kapmin Is on the path to recovery, but is unlikely to play a role before 2021.

18:29 a day before

Leicester City Team News

18:28 a day before

One to see?

Everton forward Richardson could watch the match as one of his first league goalscorers since late September. Brazil have scored in three of their last four matches against Leicester, including his last two appearances at King Power Stadium.

18:28 a day before

Last time out

When these two parties finally came together, The Tophis They enjoyed a lightning start to the game as they knocked out the winners 2-1 Goodison Park. Richardson Previously took the lead with a great title Kilby Sigurdsson The penalty doubled their advantage from the spot. Kelechi Ihianacho Climbed off the bench to find a foothold Foxes But they could not find a balance.

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18:26 a day before

The best starts

Two of the season’s surprise packs are available this evening. Brendan Rodgers’ The men are currently third in the Premier League table after a great start. In the meantime, Carlo AncelottiFollowing a fantastic start to the season the Troops are not credible, but are coming into the game against the backdrop of a 1-0 win over Chelsea.
18: 24a the day before


Good evening and welcome to this selection box of Festive Premier League equipment. The entire league is to be played throughout midweek, but this time our focus is on Leicester City vs Everton King Power Stadium.

My name is Daniel Orm and I will take you through the competition from the East Midlands. The kick-off comes at 6 p.m.

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