The UK has discovered a new mutation in COVID-19 following its rapid spread in London

The UK has discovered a new mutation in COVID-19 following its rapid spread in London

A new mutation in COVID-19 has affected more than 1,000 infected patients in the UK – and has been blamed for the rapid spread of the infection.

The country’s Health Secretary Matt Hankok revealed the new variant, and said it was behind “very sharp, rapid rises” in London and surrounding Kent and Essex districts.

“We have currently identified more than 1,000 cases with this variation,” he said, adding that initial analysis shows that it is growing faster than existing variants.

The UK has warned the Hong Kong-World Health Organization (WHO) of ordering strict locks on affected areas. He said the health agency had confirmed it was investigating.

British scientists from the UK Federation of COVID-19 Genomics said, “We are exploring a new strain to see if these mutations contribute to any increased proliferation.

As of December 13, it had been diagnosed in 1,108 cases, according to the Public Health UK.

New variant – named “VUI – 202012/01” by UK scientists – involves genetic modification of the “spike” protein.

“Changes in this area of ​​the spike protein can lead to viral infections and spread easily among the population,” the UK said in a statement.

Dr. Jeremy Farrer, Director of Health Charity, Welcome Told the BBC It could be serious – Alan McNally, an expert at the University of Birmingham, warned people not to be “crazy.”

“It doesn’t mean it’s very contagious or contagious or dangerous. It’s something to keep an eye on,” he told the broadcaster.

Mentioning “great efforts” to study strain, he said it was “important to have a calm and rational perspective”.

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Dr Michael Ryan, the WHO’s emergency chief, said “mutations like this are very common” and stressed that there was still nothing to confirm whether it was still deadly or easily spread.

Health Secretary Hancock further stressed that “it is highly unlikely that this new variant will prevent the impact of the vaccine and the vaccine itself.”

Last week, England Became the first country Start offering the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide

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