Real Full Monty on Ice Fans Shows ‘Beef’ Between Jack Quicketon and Jamie Lomas

Real Full Monty on Ice Fans Shows 'Beef' Between Jack Quicketon and Jamie Lomas

Real Full Monty on Ice Viewers found some tension between Jamie Lomas and Jake Quickenton tonight.

At this year’s show, a new line of brave celebrities will be seen doing their practices without the heat in sight – in a miraculous spectacle of winter, full of ice.

The program aims to raise awareness about cancers in the intimate areas of the body and the importance of early self-examination to help save lives.

But the fans quickly took a “dirty look” as the celebrities met each other on the ice ring, with Jamie shooting Jake as he walked through the door.

Jamie had a flurry of talking to coach Ashley Banjo after talking to other celebrities who weren’t sure if the plan was for him.

Ashley tried to talk to Jamie on camera, but Jamie walked over and said he just didn’t want to talk in the movie.

Jamie was tempted to continue the day, but Jamie was again miserable as Jake teased him as celebrities dressed up as elves to go out on the ice.

Dance on Ice winner Jake continued to show off his skating skills, with Ashley saying his ego was very clear in the snow.

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As he passed him, Jamie appeared to be “F *** ing show off”.

Audiences quickly commented on the tension between the pair.

Kie said: “It looks like there’s an issue between Nana or Jamie and Jake.”

Tara said: “Wait, what’s the beef between Jack & Jamie? The look might have killed him.”

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ri Grimbo said: “If the look killed Jamie when he saw Jake.”

Louis Allen said: “Did I imagine Jamie Lomas rolling his eyes when Jake Quickenton stepped inside?”

Despite his initial reservation, Jamie decided to continue the show and thanked his fellow celebrities.

He said: “I was thinking about walking, but thought it was for a big reason, so thank you for your support.”

Jake told him: “We’m glad you did not walk.”

* Real Full Monty on ITV continues tomorrow at 9pm

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