Offset wife Cardi B after Snoop Dogg critiques her hit single ‘Wap’

Offset wife Cardi B after Snoop Dogg critiques her hit single 'Wap'

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Snoop Dog has defended the offset card P after criticizing its hit single ‘Wap’.

The 49-year-old experienced rapper recently topped the rankings – which Cardi recorded with Megan Fire Stallion – for being too bad and “out of imagination”.

Now, Cardie’s husband and fellow rapper Offset has jumped on the bandwagon for his wife’s protection, saying he “hates” when men engage in “a woman’s business” because he believes men should be encouraged to do “women’s empowerment.”

She said: “She’s grown up, I’m not into a woman’s business, so I’m going to say I hate when men do it.

“As rappers, we talk about the same things. Men can not talk about women – they’re very powerful, first. A lot of women have power, don’t shoot it. We never have it. Female artists direct this ***, they like us, [even] Setting records beyond us. That [song] Two girls in one post – this is a very successful post. ”

Mycos Rapper added that men should “elevate” women rather than say what they can and cannot do.

He told TMZ: “We need to uplift our women and not tell them what they can or cannot do. Do you know how long women have been told they can not do something or they should not do this? Entertainment? So, I stay away from female things. You can go to YouTube to talk about people shooting videos and killing with guns. In some cases we can not really judge, but in some cases we do not ‘t.’

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Offset comments came after Snoop Dogg recently claimed that the hit single needed “privacy” and “intimacy”.

He said: “God, slow down, slow down, imagine a little bit. A little privacy, some intimacy, a place where he wants to resist what you say to him … It’s like your pride and possession, it’s yours Nile jewelry, that’s what you should have. It should be a possession and no one will know until they know about it. “

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