Million 2 million winning Os Lotto numbers revealed on December 15th

Million 2 million winning Os Lotto numbers revealed on December 15th

The Oz lotto jackpot is back in the ground, up to $ 2 million in Tuesday night’s draw.

The winning numbers for tonight ‘s draw were 26, 42, 39, 6, 21, 29 and 25 with 35 and 19 sub – numbers.

Unfortunately there was no Section 1 winner and the prize drew 1401.

One Division 2 winner received $ 102,572.90 and three Division 3 winners received 7,542.15 points each.

Results The Lot publishes official figures Won postcodes For a nationwide section one of the prizes in 2020.

Tuesday night’s draw will be the third last Oz Lotto draw of 2020, and the third last chance for Aussies to finish the year with a winner in the Oz Lotto division.

So far in 2020, there are 23 Oz Lotto divisions across the country who have taken home a total of $ 223,618,001 in prize money.

Last week Million 5 million jackpot The prize was won by a West Australian player.

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The last person to win 2 million in the Oz Lotto was at the end of November, a prize went to the South Australian player.

Never expected a person under the age of 40 to receive a phone call, he won the $ 2.4 million prize at the Oz Lotto.

On November 24, 2020, the only division nationally in the Os Lotto draw was South Australia.

“Bloody hell! Are you serious? Wow! That’s amazing! Thank you so much! ”He shouted when he got a call from The Lot.

“Aha! I was a little shocked, trembling, to be honest. I did not expect to hear it when I answered the phone. ”

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He said he would play regularly, but not always Oz Lotto. “I play something different every week and catch a quiz,” he said.

“I never thought I would win a prize like this!”

When asked how he planned to experience his multi-million dollar fall, the small business owner said he was looking forward to taking a step back from the grind.

“The first thing I do is pay off my mortgage. It will be done and the dust will be thrown away! ”He declared.

“It would be great to cut work a little bit.”

Lot spokesman Lauren Cooney said the next winner will be able to plan and spend the rest of the year figuring out how to enjoy their multi-million dollar prize.

“We have no doubt that everyone’s plans for 2021 are looking, but with 2 million in your bank account, you can definitely make big plans,” he said.

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