Alan Sugar pays tribute to his brother after his death following his diagnosis of the corona virus

Alan Sugar pays tribute to his brother after his death following his diagnosis of the corona virus

The 73-year-old apprentice star has revealed his loss as a tribute to a “lifetime Spurs supporter”.

On Tuesday morning he tweeted: “Today I lost my longtime brother Derek, another victim of Govt, which further aggravated his underlying health issues.

“He’s a lifelong, passionate Spurs supporter.

“I will never forget my nephew making fun of me, thanks to him for buying the club.

“It was a sad day for everyone in the family,” said Lord Sugar, who was head of Spurs.

Posting a picture of Derek on Instagram, he added: “RIP Pro”.

BBC breakfast guest Don Walker was one of those who sent their condolences, writing “sorry for your loss”.

In September, Lord Sugar criticized the government’s reaction to Covid 19, praising President Rishi Sunak’s response.

“But I think people should come back to the offices and demand that we support the city, that we support the economy,” he said.

“The city suffers from a lack of workers there, so it will continue to be a ghost town until they get more people there.”

The TV star wrote on Monday: “The sad news about Gerard Hollier. Good colleagues. I can only imagine Pierce Morgan going back to the ages, telling everyone how familiar he is with the half GMP show. ”

Morgan’s son Spencer wrote on Twitter: “One man uses death to get another pop. New inferiority. ”

On Tuesday, Sugar Prabhu replied: “You can not be less than your father. I know it hurts to see the truth. Now close the F *** from being a good boy.”

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