Shroud reveals why Cyberbank 2077 will not become a Detroit GTA

Shroud reveals why Cyberbank 2077 will not become a Detroit GTA

Shroud has revealed why he thinks so Cyberpunk 2077 Will not be removed Grand Theft Auto The biggest game around. There is no doubt that CD Project Red had a ton of hype before its release in the latest release. But can it ever eclipse one of the best games in the entire media in # 1 week? OK, Shield Do not think so, his rationality is very firm. It really comes with name recognition and longevity. When G.T.A. V had its first week, which is sure to be a new game, but people have been playing this series for generations on many consoles. It’s hard to compete with a game that makes fans from PlayStation. So, this is definitely an uphill battle. Of course, Cyberpunk Now that it has been released everyone’s social media timelines have had to fight the bugs that have flooded them. Check out his comments below:

“GTA5 is known around the world. Grand Theft Auto, is it exaggerated? ”He began. “GTA6 is going to be equally exaggerated, you know? I do not know if cyberbank can beat it, but there is a chance. But I doubt it, man. Like GTA, it is known. My grandmother knows GTA, I mean Did you know that the best thing you can say when you talk about sports is that if your grandmother knew it, you’re good. Can your grandmother find it? You’re good. “

The race for the 2020 game is in full swing. Such as inputs Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Everyone has their claim in space. But Shrut can’t see Ubisoft’s release of the series topping the list because of some issues with the series.

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“‘Do I think this game could be the game of the year?’ Of course not, ”Shroud noted.“ The game of the year is given to the titles, no offense, really try. Do you know what I mean? Game developers for this game, don’t get me wrong, they do better. But, the direction of the game should be cash. The direction of the game is not to polish everything, just be perfect, make sure all lip-sync is good, and make sure all animations are good. They can do it if they want to. They can really. This will take more time. That is not the name of this game. The name of this game is to quickly get something that people can spend hundreds of hours on. That’s it. This is not the best game of the year. “

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