Juventus star Thibala Pirlo responds to claims for 65 million Spurs links

Juventus star Thibala Pirlo responds to claims for 65 million Spurs links

Paulo Diabala has denied allegations that he is unhappy at Juventus and could leave the club in January amid reports that he has become a major player for Tottenham.

Typhoon out of contract with Juventus in 2022 There are no plans to discuss the update. Therefore, it has been reported that both Zhou and Dybala are open to the idea of ​​splitting up the January window.

However, Tybala is adamant that he is happy at Juventus. In a lengthy interview, he also dismissed talk of a difficult relationship with Joe boss Andrea Birlow.

Speaks live Sky Italy, As quoted Juve Canal, Argentina said: “I have a wonderful relationship with the coach. He’s a little talkative, so a good personal conversation is very enjoyable.

“He trusts me and in all the statements he speaks well of me. I am still indebted beyond today’s match. I have to go to the tournament and practice.

“A lot has been said about the deal, a lot of wrong things. A lot of people are talking about things that are not there. My agent has been in Turin for a long time, but no one has called him.

“Sorry when I ask about money and statistics, they found things I never talked about! It’s nice to tell the truth, because talking about statistics in the current situation turns people against me.

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“I love Zoo, I always said. I talk a little, but I get angry when they say the wrong things. I’m got a good relationship with the fans. Some gossipers do it to turn the fans against me.

“We have to work on this. The coach has an idea about a game and he has to respect us in any role.”

Dybala is happy to have defeated Cochlear

Typhoid He spoke after Sunday’s 3-1 win over Cochlear, which was in fourth place.

The 27-year-old opened the scoring in the game and the player agreed to score a goal.

“As far as the strikers are concerned, scoring a goal is encouraging and I really needed it,” he said.

“It’s been a lot of games because I ‘m not happy playing ball, it’s not me. I thought a thousand things, it’s wrong.

“Last year was an incredible year for me and this year was quite the opposite. I was looking at everything wrong and trying to correct myself!

“I love playing ball and talking to my teammates, although technically I didn’t play well today. But I missed a lot of these emotions and hope I find the right hope for the next game.

“We’ll see in the next matches: they will say no if I do not touch a ball. If I continue to score, they will say yes. I always try to give my team the best I can.

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