Timothy Solomon and Pete Davidson make fun of Newsmax with a hilarious jets sketch on ‘SNL’.

Skid opens with a voice saying, “Millions of real Americans are switching from Fox News to Newsmax because Newsmax is telling them the truth – Donald Trump can still win this election.”

Then, Skit introduces “Sportsmax” – a sports network that refuses to admit that the New York Jets have never lost a game.

SNL’s Alex Moffat, who plays Sportsmax editor Robert King, casts a shadow over major sports networks such as ESPN, mocking Newsmax’s attempt to take over conservative news space.

Timothy Solomon and Pete Davidson are introduced as jets experts, and the vocal front, dubbed Deluca and Delvecchio, says, “Finally a network that understands that real fans will never leave their team, whatever.”

β€œOn November 29, the Jets were reported to have lost 20 to three to the Dolphins,” Moffat says.

“Lost? Who says?” And Moffat replied, “I mean, how did they hit it?”

Davidson then stepped inside and questioned the game’s score, asking, “Who scored?”

“The NFL,” Moffat actually says.

“Oh, OK! NFL!” Solomon and Davidson retaliated mockingly.

β€œI have my hand here, pledges from 500 Jet fans who swear they saw the Jets win,” Salamet shouts passionately.

Davidson supports him, “There are eight million Jets fans out there. Eight million. They got nothing by lying about it.”

The truth is, the Jets have lost every single one of their NFL games this season, with Trump losing the election. Biden moves to the White House in January. This sketch is a thin hidden parody of Trump supporters who refuse to admit it.

With more than a month to go before the election, Newsmax continues to lie that President Donald Trump won the 2020 election, and the channel’s ratings have skyrocketed in the process. Trump has been promoting the channel on Twitter. In November Tweet, Trump told Fox News Daytime that he had “lost ratings” and encouraged his supporters to “try OANN & ewsnewsmax”.

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