Limerick v Waterboard Live start time, TV channel info, score updates and more

Limerick v Waterboard Live start time, TV channel info, score updates and more

Limerick and Waterford clash at this year’s All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship.

This is no other championship, but these two teams have experienced terrible campaigns and we have to come to a decisive conclusion.

The contract men won the Munster final between these pages last month. Will they be crowned All-Ireland champions for the second time in three years or will Waterford lift the Liam McCarthy Trophy for the first time since 1959?

The teams for the final are here:

Limerick: My coyote (epinephrine); S Finn (Prof), de Morissi (Ahen), P Nash (South Liberties); De Byrnes (Patrickswell), de Hannon (captain, Adare), Kay Hayes (Guildimo-Ballascenry); W. O’Donoghue (Na Pierce), D. O. Donovan (Toon); G Heckardi (South Liberties), C Lynch (Patrixwell), de Morrissey (Ahen); A Gillen (Patrickwell), S. Flanagan (Fiohanak-Castilmahon), G. Mulkahi (Kilmallock).

Subs: P. Hennessy (Kilmallock), C. Boylan (Na Pearsich), A. Breen (do), P. Casey (do.), R. Connolly (Adare), A. Costello (Kilmallock), R. English (Doon), R. Honley (do). Gilmallock), P. O’Lohlin (do.), D. Reedy (Tromine-Atlak), P. Ryan (Doon).

Waterford: SO Keef (Polyconner); I Kenny (do.), C. Brundi (Capt., Abside), S. McNaldy (de la Sale); Kalam Lyons (Polydf Lower), D de Berca (Clashmore / Kinsalebeck), K Moran (de la Sale); J Barron (Formilwater), K Bennett (Polysacard); J. Fagan (do.), N. Montgomery (Abside), S. Bennett (do); De Hutchinson (Polygon), A. Gleason (Mount Zion), J. Brentercast (Lismore).

Subs: P Nolan (Ronmore), P Hogan (Polycanner), M O’Brien (Ferrybank), M Curney (Polyduff Upper), P Curran (Tungervan), C Dunford (Coligan), C Gleason (Formailwater), D Tunkarvan), Jay Dillon (de la Sale), I Daily (Lismore), S Fives (Turin).

All-Ireland Hurling Final

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