Everton 1-0 Chelsea: Final | The toffees are a solid success

Everton 1-0 Chelsea: Final |  The toffees are a solid success

Full-time thoughts – Solid view from Everton today. They are lucky not to be punished for some more mistakes, but overall they are very organized and determined today and deserve their success. While the other atrocities are still waiting, these are three valuable points to keep in the bag,

Final figures
Premier League

Player performance

90 + 5 ‘- Final white! Everton won 1-0. What a strong fighting performance from Dofis!

90 + 3 ‘- Interestingly Kenny holds Richardson’s place on the left.

90 + 1 ‘- This will add up to five minutes, and the pickboard will clear a corner. Everton broke down and Gomez won a corner on the left. In short, Kenny is called offside.

90 ‘- Both Everton changes remain the same, maintaining a 4-2-3-1 formation.
Last modified is Jonjo Kenny for Richardson.

86 ‘- Richie wins a free kick from a promising position, but Gomez hits a free kick, which is easily destroyed.
Now Gomez to take one corner .. and lower and twist behind another corner.
Gomez is destroyed again and again and gets the next cross, but it goes out for a goalie.

83 ‘- Ancelotti’s first change for goalkeeper Sigurdsson by Andre Gomes.
A low ball in the box from the right finally misses Keane, but Groot throws it away.

79 ‘- Keane gives a corner, with another fantastic interception. Deep and destroyed.
D’Core has now recorded that James is dirty outside the box to the right of Everton. Good chance for the audience, Mount, Sylvester and James are all around .. Mount hit it to the far post, hit the pickboard and it goes out of the post! Terrible error again when positioning from Bigford, he took two steps the wrong way.

77 ‘- Chelsea leave big holes in the back and Everton look very dangerous when they break. Dofis missed the final ball.

73 ‘- Everton try to catch the ball whenever it hits, legs are tired and now no one is in the mood for a quick counter.

68 ‘- O Iwobi. His abduction last weekend was terrible and he now lifts the ball well from a dangerous position.
Notably, Michael Keane comes from a hill on the left side of the defense. Pass the pass cut and all games so far.

65 ‘- Diego Silva is now DCL. Richardson twists and turns and manages to beat a corner on the left.
Chick Inswinger is cleared and Chelsea hold the ball again.

63 ‘- Penalty! DCL again! Tophis breaks down at the counter with Iwobi, who is a D.C.L. Points to the moss spot!
No, no fine, VAR says DCL is somewhat offside. Bummer.

59 ‘- Joins James Conte in the book and challenges the bad Allen. Not the first mistake of the game.

54 ‘- Everton catch Chelsea’s half and win a free kick on the left wing. Sigurdsson walks towards the target, which is not too far away .. Mendi expects to take it indirectly and is attacked. Oh!

52 ‘- A quick break from the blues, Sikki finds Richie, set aside by its cross / shot Mendy. The Blues eventually won Chic a corner to take Zuma out of the dungeon.
Chick goes back inside and DCL is about to jump .. Mina cuts in front of him and bows. Off.

50 ‘- Chelsea get off to a great start in the second half, putting pressure on the toffees as they did before the break.

Part-time thoughts – With a decent performance at Goodison, Tofis leads 1-0, beating Chelsea and showing good control while holding the ball.

Part-time statistics
Premier League

Player performance

45 + 2 ‘- Opportunity! Ref plays positively when Allen goes down, and sees Iwobi Sigurdsson with a cut, but he can’t get the right shot. DCL got a shooting opportunity from a distance, but sent it to Iwobi for the cross.

45 ‘- Godfrey has so far politely overloaded Chelsea on the left side of Everton, but James goes down at several intersections. Like Seamus Coleman, they differ greatly in quality.
Three plus minutes will be added.

41 ‘- More play! The long ball in the Everton box, Mason pulls Mount Mina into the Bigford, he comes out to get this, and the goalie lands in a pile! John Moss didn’t see it, and before the blues were clarified, it meant playing consistently.

40 ‘- DCL wins the ball on the right, finds Iwobi Sigurdsson and gets it to Richardson in space. Brazil didn’t get enough power on his shot again and Mendy could see it safely.

37 ‘- Kovacic finds Werner in the box, but Holgate keeps a close eye on the striker and prevents him from making a shot over miss.

34 ‘- Godfrey with long back and pickford slip !! He manages to heal and the hoof is clear, but looks a bit awkward. Oh boy.

31 ‘- Two abuses here have raised the temperature slightly, with Everton maintaining their defensive form and discipline.

28 ‘- Allen takes out Howard on the right. Sylvester Inswinger, led by Groot and Souma’s snapshot, collects gratefully straight on the pickboard. Infiltrate again.
James goes stud-up on Godfrey and 2,000 Everton fans are bright, but no bookings.

25 ‘- Richardson catches his man in the middle (booked) and Chelsea get a dangerous free kick from about 30 yards out. James takes it, and Pickford attaches it to a corner.
Half of the corner is destroyed, James shoots from the outside of the box and Pickford pushes it over the post, the ball goes beyond the face of the goal and into the other corner, then it is destroyed. கோலம்.

21 ‘- Edward Mendy Chaos in the box points to Dominic Calvert-Levine and Moss penalty spot! Jordan Pickford’s long ball is controlled by the DCL, and the goalie rushes in and equalizes him!
Take Sigurdsson .. it rolls on the web! 1-0 Everton! Richardson wanted to take it so badly, and Allen had to lead him from that place. Icelander Mendy was waiting to dive to his right and went the other way.

18 ‘- Guy Howards misrepresents Richardson in a hopeful position on the left. In the Sigurdsson box, Mendy comes to pick up and Reese falls badly on James. He wakes up after a minute or two and blows a little wind.

13 ‘- Chelsea now own midfield, Everton maintain good energy and structure.

9 ‘- Everton wins Conte’s first corner. In the Sigurdsson box, Jerry Mina is superior, but goes well.

7 ‘- Richardson Conte turns and lands the ball with his foot, but his shot is cut off and Mendy saves.

3 ‘- Chelsea break at speed, and Ben Godfrey blocks a Reese James shot in the corner. Visitors take this for granted and call it Mason Mount Offside.

2 ‘- It looks more like 4-2-3-1 than 4-4-2, with Captain Gilfi Sigurdsson in the # 10 role.

1 ‘- Here we go, visitors are taking us to Goodison Park.

Rows – Pete noticed something in a training video last night – Blues lined up on the board; Holgate, Mina, Keane, Godfrey; Iwobi, Dccore, Allen, Sigurdsson; DCL, Richardson 11 V11 For training, guess what, it’s true. Captain Gilfi Sigurdsson on top of that.

Everton have won one of the six, but face the confident Chelsea, who sit in third place and seal their qualifications in the knockout rounds Champions League.

Ecstasy from Tophies ’hot start to the season is all but shattered by injuries and suspensions. On their day with the XI Blues on the first day, it could pose a serious challenge to every side of the Premier League, but they can now find themselves in bad shape by flagging off hopefully when the campaign turns into a challenge with a brutal slate. Upcoming Enemies – Four of their next six opponents are in the top seven of the league, while Everton are ninth.

Opponents Chelsea, on the other hand, have high hopes – the only points they have conceded in the last five games are in the draw against the league leaders. Tottenham Hotspur And Frank Lampard has the luxury of spinning his team.

Competition: Premier League match day 12

Date and start time: Saturday, December 12 at 12:00 noon PT / 3:00 pm ET / 8:00 pm BST

Ground: Goodison Park, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Ability: 39,572 [approx 2,000 for COVID regulations]

Weather: 46 ° F / 8 C, partly cloudy with a chance of 4% rain, up to 9 mph

TV: Peacock – United States; BT Sport 1, BT Sport Ultimate United Kingdom; DAZN – Canada, beIN Sports HD 1 & 2, SuperSport Premier League ROA, SuperSport Maximo, RMC Sport 1, Canal + Sport 3 Afrique

Radio: evertontv, TalkSport Radio UK, SiriusXM FC

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Start XI: Pickford, Holgate, Mina, Keane, Godfrey, Iwobi, Allen, Dugur, Sigurdsson, Richardson, Calvert-Levine

Subs: Olson, Kenny, Gomez, Davis, Bernard, Gordon, Dosun


Start XI: Mendy, James, Silva, Zuma, Sylvel, Kovacic, Conte, Mount, Howard, Groot, Werner

Subs: Keba, Rudiger, Asbiliquetta, Gilmore, Jorginho, Anjorin, Abraham


Note: Jonathan Moss Vass: Other Mariner

When former manager Carlo Ancelotti returned to a 4-0 win over Chelsea Stamford Bridge spanking Everton, Dofis showed another flat, lifeless performance to close the 2019-20 season. When London last came to Goodison ahead of a calendar, there was a polarization against a 3-1 win, with interim manager Duncan Ferguson roaring, pumping Fifi-Dumpies and cheering an entire house. The return of the fans to the stadium, even if it was just 2,000-odd, would go a long way to motivating the players again, we hope.

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