This mobile application allows users to communicate only with eye gestures

This mobile application allows users to communicate only with eye gestures

Google has launched a new mobile app targeting disabled users with speech and motor impairments. “Look to speak” allows you to select words and phrases that are spoken aloud by a digital voice, using only their eyes.

Expand communication avenues with a tool that gives physically weaker web users the ability to exchange messages via a smartphone using their eye movements. Eye gestures allow users to select suggested words and expressions given in the context. Thanks to artificial intelligence, often machine learning, the user experience automatically improves over time.

A comprehensive user guide published by Google explains how to set it up. It describes the way users should position the device and the eye gestures and vision tips. For example, “It is necessary to look left, right and up all the way so that the application can intentionally record a view.” It is necessary to have a vision and magnify eye movements. Pre-loaded general phrases can also be formatted for personal communication. Once a phrase is selected, an automated voice system will read it aloud.

Look to Speak is a free application to download on Google Play (Android). With applications like these, Google wants to give new technologies access to people who are excluded from them, helping them to easily interact with others.

Watch the video talk:

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