Italy legend Paulo Rossi dies at 64 after paying tribute to World Cup winner

Italy legend Paulo Rossi dies at 64 after paying tribute to World Cup winner

Italy legend Paulo Rosi has died at the age of 64.

Former Juventus, A.C. The Milan and Vicenza player is widely regarded as one of the best players Italy has ever produced.

He was part of the squad for the 1982 World Cup, scoring the opening goal in the final, as Italy beat West Germany 3-1.

Rosie had produced the best performance of his career earlier in the tournament as he scored a hat-trick for Brazil and was knocked out of the tournament 3-2 by Kili Assuri.

The performance is considered one of the best performances ever seen at a World Cup, making Brazil’s position a favorite going into the tournament.

He has scored an incredible 134 goals in 338 club games and is considered one of the best pioneers of all time.

Rosie spent his entire life in Italy, winning Serie A on two occasions and assisting Zoe in the 1984 European Cup.

After retirement, Rosie pursued a career in Panditri, working at the Italian store RAI Sport.

The news of Rosie’s death was announced early Thursday morning by RAI game presenter Enrico Varriale.

He wrote on Twitter: “The saddest news: Paulo Rossi left us.

“Unforgettable Publito, who made us all fall in love that summer of ’82 and was an invaluable and talented employee at RAI in recent years. Rip Dear Pavlo.”

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