Claudia Wingleman wrote the book by home school struggles

Claudia Wingleman wrote the book by home school struggles


‘My mom’s personality changed completely – she doesn’t know who I am’

The death of EastEnders and Gary Ann star Barbara Windsor was widely felt by fans of her acting career, but another group mourning her loss were those in the Alzheimer’s care community. After being diagnosed in 2014, Windsor went public about his illness in 2016 and became a powerful ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society, a petition signed by 100,000 people last year to Boris Johnson calling for better care for people with dementia. He argued that the system was “completely inadequate, unreasonable, unsustainable and requires a lot of money.” At the time of her death, Windsor was in residential care, and her husband Scott Mitchell admitted to struggling to cope with demands for her own care. Ming Ho, a television writer who wrote for Windsor in EastEnders, who was deeply sympathetic to Mitchell and enjoyed life as the sole caretaker for his mother Klein, died 20 years later in January of Alzheimer’s disease. Physical illness. “For years, it’s all-encompassing, but we still own it behind closed doors; no one else’s seen Mom’s condition,” Ho explains. If it’s a caregiver, it’s your partner or your parent, it’s the only person you can handle, it’s not only you handle practically everything, but it’s very stressful both mentally and psychologically because others do not understand what you are dealing with because they do not see it. ”

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