ASU Football: Arizona Immediate Reuse against Arizona State

ASU Football: Arizona Immediate Reuse against Arizona State

The rivalry of the state of Arizona with Arizona was almost over when it began. From the opening kick, the Sun Devils completely dominated the way they beat the Cats 70-7 in Duson.

These are the highest points ASU has put forward against Arizona. The Regional Cup will be in Tempe for the fourth year in a row.

DJ Taylor turned the opening kick from the opposing final zone and stopped the Devils in the blink of an eye to start the game 7-0 on a home call for 105 yards.

During Arizona’s first attack, a stumbled handover led to a stumble and an ASU recovery. Demont ran behind the trio and began to pay Arizona a five-yard touchdown run.

It will be all demons from there, initially nailed to the coffin. Arizona dropped the ball seven times, and as expected in the attacking game plan ASU continued to pierce the rock.

Desils had 10 touchdowns, three of which were rushed from Rachat White and Jayton Daniels.

Daniel Nagoda also had one, and Walking Jackson added the last score of the evening in the fourth quarter, making him the first Chinese-born player to record a touchdown in FBS history.

The Sun Devils ran 227 yards and threw for 260. For the first time since 1969, the project had 70 points.

For the first time since 1975-78 ASU has won four straight regional trophies against Arizona.

The Devils destroyed the Wild Gates on the ground floor of their home, while Herm Edwards failed in his post against South School during his tenure.

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